Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tool # 5

I thought this tool would be great for our unit about birds. I really enjoyed making one and think the children would as well.  I love how you can attach a picture with tons of great information to go with it. We could also use this when we learn about animals and their habitats. The children can create their own trading cards and share the information they are learning about what they are currently studying.  Everybody wins! 

I thought this was a fun productivity tool. I think I could use this particular Wordle for many different things. It could be a great language arts and science tool. I think it would also be great for introducing units, as well as a tool you could use at the end of a unit for the children to show what they have learned. I think the students would really love creating their own wordles. I know I did!

Tool # 4

This was a fun assignment. I am still new and learning, but I think this app will grow on me the more I learn and the better I become. I like the sharing aspect of it. I look forward to collaborating with my team and using Google Docs/forms to make quizzes, notes, tests, and documents for my students, possibly as a workstation. I also think the students would love to make up their own quizzes and documents, to show their understanding of a concept, and send it to classmates to complete. I think this will be a great tool! 

Tool # 3

    I visited You Tube and Discovery Education (although Discovery Education would not let me post videos, but I do find a lot of great things for the children on this site).  I frequently use both of these video streaming sites to enhance a lesson.  The children are always engaged in the fun learning these videos can provide. 

    I thought this video could be useful for our bird unit we study in 2nd grade.  The students would be able to hear the sounds/songs the bird they might be studying would make.

    I thought this video could be useful for our ocean unit we study in 2nd grade.  It is a very cool way for the children to take a field trip underwater.

    I learned that only the copyright owner has the right to their work. All other people must pay for  copyright permission. The copyright only lasts for fixed amount of time. Then it goes to public domain. This means that it will be free for anyone. I was surprised that if children want to use someone's work, they just have to do some transformation from the original work.

    I will have my students go to my Dropbox to access files that I put in there to supplement lessons. They can use videos in there, share documents, and it can be used as workstations.

    Tool # 2

    I visited several 2nd grade blogs from my school and really enjoyed going through them. I am new to 2nd grade this year and I really found it beneficial to visit their blogs and see what they have learned. I commented on 3 of the blogs and was really impressed with all the great work they have done and learned. 

    I think blogging for educational purposes is really great! Its a great way to share and learn new ideas, especially for someone like me who is new to a grade level, but I do find it overwhelming at times. I find comfort in knowing I am on a great team who seems to be very "tech savvy."  I look forward to all the things we can teach and learn from each other blogging.

    I feel fine about sharing my thoughts publicly, but more in a blogging/learning setting like this. It can be very useful and helpful. I am all about sharing successes and challenges with teammates.

    I would definitely like to revisit the blog; http://projectsbyjen.com/Projects/OreoXI/instructions09.htm  There are some great ideas I plan to go back and possibly share/do with my students.  I also plan on using all of my 2nd grade teammates blogs in the future because they are all fabulous and have great information!