Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool # 10

The main things I want to make sure my students understand about being good digital citizens are:

  1. Not to give out personal information
  2. To keep their SBISD ID/password a secret
  3. To check with a teacher or parent before going to a website, creating an account online, or downloading an app (even if it is a free app)
I plan to show the Brainpop and Brainpop Jr. video that is available for teaching internet safety and proper usage.  It has great lessons on how to use the computer correctly and safely. 

To "teach" the idea of digital citizenship to my students, I would use modeling. I could use the activeboard and show examples of what could happen while researching a topic or looking for a website.  I would model how to properly research, or what to do if something strange or inappropriate happens.

I would use curriculum night as a good time to share the idea of digital citizenship with parents. I will definitely have a discussion with parents on digital citizenship. I will stress the importance of teaching the children how to access safe sites and what to do at if they stumble onto something that doesn't seem appropriate. I can also include a link to the Brainpop, Jr. lesson on my blog for parents to access. I will also consult with other teachers on my team to find out what they do in order to educate parents on the importance of digital citizenship.

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