Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool # 7

Objective: TLW analyze nonfiction text features by finding examples and determining the author's purpose for using the text feature.

Implementation: This project will be implemented in the fall semester.

Tools: Diigo, Google Docs, SkypeWallwisher 

Project Plan: Students will access websites through Diigo and will use the Diigolet tools to highlight nonfiction text features and add a sticky note to explain the reason the author used the highlighted text feature.  Diigo will also be used for students to visit other groups' projects.  Students will plan and collaborate with group members using Google Docs and Skype. Wallwisher will be used at the end of the project as a refection to discuss information learned, the effectiveness of the technology used, and the effectiveness of the collaboration. 

Collaboration: Almost every grade teaches or reviews nonfiction text features, so this project could be done with a classroom within the grade or across grade levels.  This is a project that could also be done with book buddies.

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