Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool # 6

In my classroom, I would use Skype as a free way to open up my classroom. The class could meet new people, talk to experts, share ideas and create amazing learning experiences with teachers and students from around the world.

Wallwisher is a great way for announcements, questions, ideas, etc. Its a great collaborative workspace. It's a great way to organize thoughts, ideas, and things everyone has learned. Wallwisher could be a great way for children to communicate their thoughts about any topic/unit covered in class.They can post comments about what they have learned. They can learn from reading other classmates comments. I could also use this as a form of assessment at the end of a unit.

I think children will love to communicate through these cool tools. Anytime they can use technology to show their learning, they get excited. They will enjoy talking back and forth with friends.

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