Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool # 11

I really enjoyed learning and using all the tools I have learned about and used during 11 tools.  I hope to try and use all of them throughout the year.  I discovered a lot a great learning tools.  One of my favorite tools I discovered was the Wallwisher.  I love the idea a great collaborative workspace. I love that we can organize thoughts, ideas, and the things everyone has learned. I would love to use Wallwisher for children to communicate their thoughts about any topic/unit/lesson covered in class.They can post comments about what they have learned. They can learn from reading other classmates comments. I could also use this as a form of assessment at the end of a unit.

My thinking has definitely changed throughout this process. I was dreading doing the 11Tools because I am not very strong in technology.  I am happy I have completed it and am proud of myself for doing so. I am always a little hesitant and nervous about exploring technology because I feel like I don't catch on as quickly as I do with other stuff, nor am I great at it. Now, I feel successful and determined to use as many of the things I learned about as I can in the upcoming school year. I look forward to introducing many new apps and sites to my students. I look forward to collaborating and blogging with other teachers to help me continue to grow.

The most unexpected outcome from this program was that I actually enjoyed doing it.  I'm proud that I have finally completed it and that I learned many great things from it.  I really look forward to using a lot of the great tools I found during this process in my classroom this year.

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